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Nearly 3,700 miles away from Buckingham Palace, Richmonders are reacting to Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Queen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday, according to Buckingham Palace.

The news will take some getting used to for Paul Marsh who grew up in England and Terry O’Neill, the owner of Penny Lane Pub who grew up in Liverpool

“I’ve never had a king. I’ve only had a queen and we always looked up to her,” said Marsh.

The two believe she has done a great job in her role. They thought about the amount of work she’s done and how she acquired an empire in her twenties, saying they believe her work will leave a longstanding legacy for so many.

“No one else can come near her for what she’s done,” said O’Neill.

However, it’s not just people raised under her empire that are reacting and reflecting on this news.

Richmond Ambulance Authority’s Director of Operations Chad Greedan has a unique tie to the Queen.

When he was a member of Williamsburg Fire, he got to be on standby for the Queen’s medical needs for the Jamestown Commemoration in 2007. He said he could see her at times and found it interesting to see the entourage she had.

He said that experience now holds a new meaning.

“Back then, we didn’t think much of it because we were performing our duties. But now looking back with somebody of that importance to be around the area she was in, is pretty significant,” he said.

Some people who CBS6 spoke with about the Queen’s passing are now also thinking about what it means for King Charles III’s reign.

“She’s not just queen of the United Kingdom, she is the Queen of Canada and Australia. And whether they will embrace King Charles III, we’ll have to see,” said Scott Wayne.

As Virginians process the news, they feel the Queen’s life should continue to be celebrated. Many raised a glass to her majesty and to King Charles III.