Welcome to the Richmond Ambulance Authority’s billing department. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and hope to exceed your expectations. Our billing department will make every effort to work with you and your insurance provider to secure payment on your behalf. If you have any questions or need to set up a payment plan, please contact us using the form, phone numbers, or address below. Please have your Run Number on hand if you call so we can better assist you. You can also pay your bill online using the link below.

Accepted Payments


RAA does not retain your payment information for future payments and/or accounts on payment plans. It is up to the party responsible for the bill to pay the debt by the given deadline.

Payment Plan Request

The Richmond Ambulance Authority does offer patients who qualify the option to pay in installments or financial assistance. If you’re interested in a payment plan option or financial assistance and would like to find out if you qualify, please complete the information listed below. A representative will contact you to review your request. Please note, submitting a form is not confirmation that you will be given a payment plan option or financial assistance. It is intended for those interested in learning if they qualify.


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    ***Disclaimer: Please do not send personal identifiable information (i.e., insurance, health, etc.) through the above contact form. General information only. To speak directly to a Billing Services representative, please call the toll-free or local phone numbers provided below. ***

    RAA is committed to protecting your privacy and health information In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Please click on our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information about your patient rights and how your medical information will be used by RAA.

    Phone/Fax Numbers:
    Phone: (804) 254-1150
    Toll Free: (888) 887-5151
    Fax: (804) 254-1149

    Attn: Reimbursement
    2400 Hermitage Road
    Richmond, VA 23220

    Collections Agencies

    If your account is already in collections, you cannot make your payment with us by phone or online. Please contact the appropriate collections agency from the list below.

    LifeQuest – 877-663-3729
    I.C. System – 888-735-8029
    RMS – Receivables Management Systems – 804-353-9300

    Patient Education Information

    Does my insurance cover an ambulance?
    Ambulances are covered when medically necessary. In general, insurance will cover the cost of an ambulance ride when it’s “medically necessary.” In most cases, insurance companies will consider the need of an ambulance ride in the same manner as any other medical expense. Please check YOUR health insurance benefits to find out if and when ambulance transportation is covered.

    Retail Service Rates

    Click here to view the Richmond Ambulance Authority’s service rates for Fiscal Year 2023.  

    LifeSaver Program

    Join our Life Saver Program and save on your medical transports. 
    The LifeSaver Membership Program helps City of Richmond residents cover the cost of emergency medical transports. For a low, annual fee of $62 for individuals, or $99 for a family, the plan covers insurance co-pays and deductibles for emergency ambulance transports. Medicaid recipients should not join the Lifesaver program, as it does not provide you with any additional benefits. Coverage begins on January 1 (ends on December 31st) each year. Keep in mind there is a 30-day administrative waiting period, so the sooner you complete your application and mail it in, the better! In some cases emergency transports are not covered by insurance, or patients are responsible for the full balance of their transport. In those cases the LifeSaver Membership Program provides a 20% discount for that transportIf you would like to sign up for Life Saver Membership, please submit the form below.

    Medical Records Release
    To receive or release a copy of your medical records please print and complete the Medical Records Release document. A $14 payment must be provided with the form in order to complete the request.

    Attorney Billing Requests
    All attorney billing requests to include account balances must be made in writing. RAA staff does not provide billing information without a written request. Written requests can be made through our contact form or by fax to 804-254-1149.

    The Richmond Ambulance Authority is dedicated to delivering world class service, and engaging with our community. All the feedback we receive is reviewed and used to ensure we meet the needs of our patients, community partners, and residents in the City of Richmond. Please use our contact form.

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