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Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and drivers from the Richmond Ambulance Authority, who witness traumatic incidents like car crashes and overdoses on a regular basis, are working to help civilians with similar experiences.

The Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), in partnership with Richmond and Henrico Health Districts (RHHD), have created “Bystander Support” cards, which display available resources and will be given to witnesses of traumatic events by paramedics and EMTs.

A QR code on the back of the cards goes to a list of resources gathered by RAA and RHHD personnel for those who may need support.

“At RHHD, we understand that trauma is not only witnessed but also experienced,” said RHHD Violence Prevention Program Manager Lorraine Wright. “Traumatic events have lasting impacts on victims, the nuclear family and school and faith-based communities. RHHD is committed to using a holistic, public health-guided, and healing-centered approach to violence prevention. RHHD’s collaboration with Richmond Ambulance Authority will help bystanders and witnesses get the support they need.”

More information about the outreach programs RAA is taking part in can be found on the agency’s website.