The Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) and Childsavers, a non-profit providing mental health services and childcare resources, have partnered to help kids exposed to trauma. RAA’s Paramedics and EMTs are often on the frontline of traumatic calls and unfortunately, some of those calls involve children. Through this new partnership, RAA Paramedics and EMTs will use Childsavers’ 24/7 hotline to alert the organization’s traumatic response unit, allowing a specialist from Childsavers to respond to the scene and immediately provide the emotional support and psychological first aid children need after they’ve had a traumatic experience.

“This is another great resource our Paramedics and EMTs can use to help kids in our community,” said RAA CEO Chip Decker. “We are grateful for this new partnership and to have access to the important services Childsavers provide.

This month, Childsavers began training RAA staff about the services they offer and how to recognize and approach a child who has been exposed to trauma. The partnership with RAA is part of the organization’s latest effort as it looks to adopt new models and best practices to meet the needs of children.

Katie Francis, Program Manager Mental Health Services OP/IR at ChildSavers says, “Richmond Ambulance Authority is on the frontlines responding to crises as they occur. While they are responsive to the physical needs, ChildSavers can be a natural partner in healing the emotional wounds that occur during times of trauma.”

If your child is experiencing immediate trauma, you can call Childsavers’ immediate response helpline at 804-305-2420. If your child is expressing suicidal thoughts, thoughts of self-harm, or harming others, call the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.