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Even though summer has not arrived yet, Richmond could see temperatures as high as 98 degrees this weekend. So experts want to make sure everybody is smart about enjoying time outside.

“Profuse sweating, dizziness, general feeling of weakness, naseua, vomiting, things like that should always draw attention to where medical assistance is needed,” said Chad Greedan, Director of Field Operations for the Richmond Ambulance Authority.

There are a handful of outdoor events occurring this weekend in Richmond, such as Riverrock, there are precautions you can take to beat the heat.

“We want to make sure everybody is staying safe,” says Major Greendan. “Drinking plenty of fluids, staying in the shade as much as possible if they are outdoors, and taking frequent breaks. try to avoid beverages like high sugary drinks, such as sodas and alcoholic beverages – those will precipitate any heat-related emergency if you’re outside working and moving around.”

On aggressively hot days, the Richmond Ambulance Authority can receive up to 30 calls to heat-related illnesses. The department said this could affect residents of all ages, but said the elderly and small children should be especially careful.

Drivers should also be careful of locking small children and pets in cars on a hot day; always check your back seat and leave nothing – and no one – behind.

While most pools are closed ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the Henrico County Department of Parks and Recreation opened their Spray Parks earlier this week to help kids cool off. Diana Marcum brought her three boys to the spray park earlier this afternoon to play in the water when even the playground seemed to be too hot.

“Even after playing in the Splash Pad being soaking wet, my toddler just tried to go down a slide and he just started screaming. It was just too hot for him, even though he was wet…So, we will be trying to stay near water as much as possible this weekend,” said Diana Marcum.