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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Ambulance Authority and the Richmond City Health District announced the launch of “First Responders for Recovery,” a program meant to assist patients with addiction with recovery resources, ahead of International Overdose Day.

Attorney General Mark Herring was the key speaker at Friday’s program launch.

“Give somebody a number,” Herring said in his speech. “Call this number. Maybe, in a couple of weeks, you can get an appointment. Well, in that time, they may not get the support and things they need.”

The RAA thanked Herring for helping with the announcement and in the fight against opioid addiction.

Courtney Nunnally works to find ways to help people with addiction as a peer recovery specialist for the Richmond Health District. Under the new program, she is tasked with contacting people within 48 hours of the first contact from authorities.

Nunnally spoke Friday about how her journey to get sober, after struggling with addiction when she was younger and time in jail, helped her make a difference.

“It wasn’t even about addiction. Just life,” she explained. “That changed my whole life. It gave me the opportunities that I have now. I have my 19-year old say he’s proud of me. Watching me, gives him hope that he can do anything. It just is the most beautiful thing he’s ever said to me.”

The RAA shared a YouTube video promoting the new program after its launch.

“There is no discrimination for addiction,” Nunnally said. “It can come from all walks of life. You can be the richest or the poorest.”