November 20, 2018

The Richmond Ambulance Authority, AAA Mid Atlantic, VDH, and Richmond Fire all teamed up to offer free Child Safety Seat checks ahead of families traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The checks took place at Target and Walmart over two days. Dozens of families came by to make sure their child’s safety seat was installed correctly. Nearly 4 out of 5 seats are used incorrectly. An incorrectly installed seat can put your child at risk. Certified Child Seat Safety Technicians can make sure your child’s harnesses, and booster seats are safely secured and fitted properly.

While RAA participated in Child Safety Seat checks during these events, residents in the City of Richmond can have their seat checked for free any time of the year. You can schedule a time to have your child’s seat check at RAA headquarters by visiting and filling out the “Car Seat Safety Program” form located under “Outreach.”