June 21, 2018

WRIC Richmond, Va – Being outside in the heat is no joke. Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) tells 8News from May to September, they receive a higher call volume because people are more active. This also raises the risk of heat-related illnesses.

RAA says if people are out in the sun for too long, they may first start to experience heat cramps where muscles starts to spaz. Heat exhaustion is the next level that could occur. That is when a person starts to sweat profusely, mental status becomes altered, blood pressure drops, and pulse rate goes up.

“The worst case is heat stroke where people actually stop sweating, become red, extremely hot, body temperatures can raise upwards to 106, 107 degrees,” said Chad Greedan, Field Operations Supervisor, Richmond Ambulance Authority.

If you do develop any symptoms of heat-related illnesses, RAA recommends lowering your body temperature right away. Putting a cool towel around the neck, or cool towel around the head can do the trick!

This article originally appeared in wric.com