When British Paramedic David Davis embarked on his summer vacation from his South of England home to visit friends in Norfolk Virginia he did what all EMS people do when in another country – seek out fellow ambulance providers to see how the other half lives!

David, Clinical Pathways Coordinator for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Stroke Lead for the british College of Paramedics decided to seek out the home of the High Performance, the Richmond Ambulance Authority. ‘ ‘My service follows the principles of a system status managed operation combined with clinical excellence and knowing Richmond sits at the world hub of these practices I decided to come see it in action’ said David.  During his visit David received a briefing on RAA and its delivery of world class EMS Mission from COO and fellow Brit Rob Lawrence whom he met at the 2010 EMS Today Conference where David delivered a number of sessions.

‘We are delighted that out reputation for clinical excellence has global profile and it was a pleasure to show David our service’ comments Lawrence. David’s visit concluded in the traditional way for all international visitors with a visit to ‘pin’ the world map.