Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) recently hosted the 3rd and 4th International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) EMS Cyclist class during the last week of July and the first week of August, 2010.  The didactic portions of the classes were instructed by Sgt. Gerrit Terhune with immense support from Clinton Schott of RAA and Corporal Sonny Pryor of VCU PD (both IPMBA Police Certified) providing demonstrations as needed.

The July class was composed of seven new students from RAA while the August class included seven from RAA and two from University of Richmond (U of R) EMS.  With the graduates of this class, the RAA Bike Team has expanded its IPMBA certified team members from 13 to 27 and assisted U of R EMS in having their first two qualified members with plans to expand their team in the near future.

Bike Team Manager, Lt. Todd Sheridan, said “The IPMBA classes have been instrumental in preparing our organization and the Univeristy of Richmond EMS team.  This training has prepared our organization in the competent care of our community, fellow public servants, and their families during large scale public gatherings and other community events where the terrain or crowds may not allow for immediate ambulance access.”

In April 2011, Richmond will be hosting the annual IPMBA International Conference.  “The recent classes have prepared RAA teams, who will be tasked with providing support to the event, to be properly trained to more competently perform their duties.  In addition to their primary duties as medical staff, RAA’s teams will also be acting as guides to the conference attendees as needed”, Sheridan added.

Richmond Ambulance Authority is the only advanced life support IPMBA certified bike team in the City of Richmond.