RAA participated with 5 units in the Annual Richmond Christmas Parade.  It was cold, wet, and rainy but there were still lots of spectators along the parade route.  Thank you to Frank Romero, Toni Jones, Tiffany Thompson, Tamara Robinson, Ronnie Ruffin, Oneesha Jeffries, Patrice Scott, Alexander Maryland, Brian Talty, Dan Fellows and Wayne Morris for spending their Saturday morning sharing RAA with Richmond.  Along the parade route many of the spectators offered “thank you” for everything you do.  If you did not have the opportunity to watch the parade on Saturday, it will be shown again on CBS 6 on Christmas day.   A special thanks to the staff of both the fleet and resource departments.  The trucks were cleaned and buffed and looked fantastic, even through the rain!  And, thanks to Dan and JT for placing the bows and holiday décor on the trucks.  RAA is committed to supporting the community we serve!