The project to upgrade the Richmond Ambulance Authority Communications Center is now underway.  The two month long project will see the old “Comm Center” infrastucture replaced with ergonomically designed work stations, including desks that raise and lower to suit both individual need and allow operators to stand for parts of their shift, should they desire.  The maximized use of flat screen technology is also being used to create further work space.

The Technical refit of the communications center will also see a new phone switch system, as well as a radio refit which will see the Authority move to the 800 MHz radio system.  Information Technology systems are being upgraded with revisions to the SQL servers, Computer Aided Dispatch System, along with a new GEO mapping system.

Also being upgraded as part of the project is the Mobile Area Routing & Vehicle Locating Information System (MARVLIS).  MARVLIS provides demand analysis and management information for the controller or manager as well as routing and patient information for the medic on the street at the same time.

Director of Communications and Refit Project Manager, Danny Garrison, said “the interoperability of the new radio system and upgraded Comm Center will allow direct and clear radio communications between city and state emergency responders”.  “This will allow RAA to take its place fully in the regions Emergency Response System”, Garrison added.

Futher updates to this story will be added as the project continues.

Below are web links to the systems used in the RAA Communications Center:



800MHZ RADIO SYSTEM (a useful description of the system, courtesy of the Philadelphia Police Department: