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Large-scale events that take place within the City of Richmond often present a public health challenge. Held in parks or other large areas filled with crowds, it can be extremely difficult to get ambulances to people who need them at these events. Our solution has been to implement a Bike Medic team. This specialized unit consists of paramedics who volunteer to ride bicycles and provide medical assistance when it is required at these large events. Approximately 25 paramedics make up the squad, which uses professional-grade police bikes equipped with mobile cardiac defibrillators, intubation kits, advanced life support drugs and other medical supplies. The Medics themselves are trained to the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) standards. The bikes enable paramedics to respond to the scene much more quickly than they could in an ambulance. The Bike Medic team has proven to be extremely popular with community members, who frequently request their presence at events. Respiratory and cardiac calls are the ones most commonly treated by the bike medics, who must pass physical training and riding tests to earn a spot on the unit.

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